7 Free Tools to Improve
your Public Speaking Skills

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Let's face it, not everybody needs a public speaking coach. So I've put together a list of my favourite tools that will help those of you who are starting your journey.

Practice impromptu speaking with Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a platform which has exploded over the last few weeks and essentially what they are doing is democratising radio.  You can listen to other people's shows, put your hand up to ask the hosts to join the panel or host your very own live shows.

This platform is a BRILLIANT way to simulate the pressure of speaking in public in a live environment without having to be on camera. Within the app, I've created
'The MicDrop Lab;' a safe space for people to test their ideas, find their voice and help others communicate their ideas with clarity, so do come and join!

Present in front of strangers regularly with Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a world-wide organisation dedicated to help people overcome their fear of public speaking.

They have chapters around the world and within organisations and provide a platform for people to come up and speak in person and online.

Listen to this podcast for public speaking tips for introverts

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to stand up on the TED stage, this podcast provides a brilliant behind the scenes insight into what goes on in the lead up to the big day.

Susan Cain, a self-confessed introvert and author of 'Quiet', is spearheading this idea of quiet leadership and this podcast is a brilliant insight into how introverts can speak on the most prestigious of stages and thrive.

Become a master data storyteller with Information is Beautiful

Packaging your insights as a data story is like building bridge from the rational to the emotional (decision making) part of your brain.

Few people have mastered the ability to present data as well as the team at Information is Beautiful and you can learn a huge amount just from watching what they do.

Build a bank of future presentation material with Collect

Most of us leave it to the very last minute to create our speeches and presentations which leaves very little room for creativity.

Great public speakers aren't superhuman, they know that our best creative moments come when we least expect them. On a walk, in the shower, or during a workout.

Collect by WeTransfer is a tool to store your ideas in a safe place, ready for when you need them most.

Wise-up with Tortoise Media

Tortoise Media was set up by the ex-Head of BBC News and President of the Wall Street Journal and are pioneering thought leadership in the news sector. They specialise in slow news and focus on why the headlines are happening rather than what is actually happening.

They are a great source of inspiration for stories, data and insights that can be brought into your talks and presentations to make them more relevant.

Control your nerves with Calm

For many of us, stepping on stage is a terrifying ordeal. But experiencing nerves isn't the problem. In fact, they can help you to reach a peak performance state if managed the right way.

Calm is a brilliant resource that offers some great meditations, visualisations and breathing exercises to take your body from fight, flight and freeze to rest, digest and restore.

Subscribe to my coaching email:
3 Public speaking tips a month to help you become a better leader