Case Study:
Helping Conference Speakers Deliver Thought Leadership Presentations

Catalina Eikenberg was the Global Head of Sustainable Business at Newman Caffe Group. She had been asked to deliver a keynote at an industry-leading event called Re:co Symposium and she wanted to deliver a talk that the audience would remember.

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Catalina was talking about how microfinance has the potential to bring coffee farmers out of poverty. It's a complex subject that needed to be communicated in both an engaging and accessible way. Whilst everyone attending was from the world of coffee, only a small proportion were experts in microfinance.


Catalina came across Alex after he was mentioned in the Soho House Community. Following a call with him, she enrolled in the Thought Leadership Accelerator, a 10-week programme designed to help you land, write and deliver a big stage presentation.

The programme involves a mixture of weekly live workshops, 1-2-1 coaching calls and a learning hub.

The Modules:

Develop a Thought Leadership Talk Concept

Land a Big Stage Presentation

Create the Outline of your Talk

Strengthen the Narrative

Nail your Delivery

Amplify your Talk Recording

A month after the final workshop, Catalina came to London along with the rest of the cohort to get their talks filmed on the Talks Of Our Time stage. Since completing the programme, Catalina has delivered the talk at the Re:co Symposium and has used the skills that she learned from the programme to develop a second thought leadership presentation which has already generated interest from the likes of TEDxMiami and other globally recognised industry conferences. 

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