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'This book feels like a naughty cheatsheet!'
Jessica Butcher MBE, CMO Sweatcoin

'It's excellent! I've just ordered 15 copies for colleagues at the British Olympic Association.'
Mark England OBE, Chef de Mission, Team GB

'Really short, punchy guide to how to give the best presentations and talks.'
Ralph Tribe, FTSE Chief People Officer


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I loved this book so much I read it twice! I have never found such a practical way to approach something that terrifies me.'

Helena Wardle, Founder of Money Means

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Most of the presentations that get delivered don't happen on big stages; they happen in boardrooms behind closed doors. These presentations are important. They can have a profound impact; not just on the decisions that get made, but also on the career trajectory of the people delivering them.

So I interviewed 20 of the most intimidatingly impressive leaders in business, politics and the military and asked them a simple question:

What are the presentation habits that frustrate you the most?

Some of the answers I got back were as expected. Things like reading from slides, going into too much detail and starting presentations with an apology.

But others were far less obvious.

'Stop being so formal - we have personalities too!'
'Don't just dive straight in, we need context!'
'This is not a test, help us make great decisions!'

The answers are telling.. It made me realise that delivering presentations in these environments can be very intimidating for the people having to do it and very frustrating for those who've got to listen to them.

That is the disconnect this book is here to solve.

'So good, I've not only bought them for my whole team, it's officially become part of the company onboarding pack.'
Matt Celuszak, CEO, Element Human

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