Case Study:
Helping Leaders Deliver Impactful All-Hands Meetings

LoyaltyLion is a fast-growing e-commerce platform who come together every quarter to deliver company updates to the whole team.


Given the huge time investment required to bring the whole company together for the meeting, it is critical that the presentations create an ROI.

The challenge was to turn the meeting from a-have-to attend to a-want-to attend and to do that the presentations needed to be relevant across every department. It was about ensuring honesty and transparency so that the most sceptical audience member had buy in. Fundamentally, the presentation had to be inspiring.


The presenting team, which ranged from the CEO to the Head of Customer Success, were put through a 6-week programme that involved a mixture of weekly live workshops and 1-2-1 coaching calls that were supported by Alex's presentation analytics platform to measure their development.

The first half of the programme was about getting the content right. Each presentation needed to have a clear message and be structured in a way that kept the audience engaged. Then it was about incorporating stories to bring the points to life.

The second half was about equipping the team with the skills to deliver their message with impact. Each presenter needed to speak with gravitas whilst connecting with their audience. Then it was about ensuring they had strategies to manage their nerves on the day so that they delivered a presentation that they were proud of.


The Modules:

Get Clarity on Your Core Message

Structure a Persuasive Presentation

Storytelling for Influence

Hack Your Presence

Develop Performance Intelligence

Perform Under Pressure


After the All-Hands took place, recorded presentations were sent to Alex for analysis and feedback was given in a final 121 call so that everyone had a clear path to continue their development ahead of their next meeting.

This programme is for any company that wants to make their department / company-wide meetings impactful.


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Participant Testimonial

"Great programme! The difference between the last All-Hands and this one was significant. The quality of presentations was far superior, the audience was much more engaged and the team was left feeling noticeably invigorated for the next quarter. They were still being referenced by the team the following week which has to be a good sign.

From a personal perspective, I’ve always had quite a scripted approach to presenting. The programme taught me how to convey my message more naturally and I had a stronger emotional connection with my audience as a result."

Ben Pointing, COO


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